Books and Bookish Gifts for Children

If you ask me, books are among the best presents you can get. Once I start browsing through the websites of bookstores online, my bookmark list is filling up with high speed. These are my favorite bookish gift ideas for children who like to read, collected in London.

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Presents for Explorers and Discoverers

Presents can be a great way to encourage your children to do get out and about, get creative and expand their horizons! Kids love to learn new things, be it baking, making scientific discoveries, or going on adventures, in general. Your present for them could be a great way to encourage this natural curiosity. By...

What’s for Lunch?

What makes a good and healthy lunch? Is there any food that is particularly good for you to have for lunch? Yes, there is, according to many health professionals who are sharing their knowledge on the internet. When I started cooking, I found...

Carrot-Ginger Soup

My favourite carrot and ginger soup - a warming soup for lunch or dinner. I like to cook this recipe on cold winter days: The wonderful quick-and-easy warming winter soup!

Gift Ideas for Host Parents

When I was looking for host presents for my first meeting with my host family, I wanted to bring something special, preferably something that could represent my home country and that would how them how much I was looking forward to becoming part of their family.

Au Pair – Definition

Hello from London! Would you also like to be an au pair in another country? Here are a few basics to start with. Read about what it means to be an au pair and what you should know when you want to be an au pair.

Gift Ideas for Host kids

Before I travelled to London I spent hours looking for host presents for my au pair family, especially for the kids! I probably worried too much about it but I really wanted to find something special for everyone.

Birthday Gifts

I love searching for gift ideas in the shops of London and online, be it for my au pair kids and host family, or for my family and friends at home...

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